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Sky Sports Mistakes Lee Camp for Chile Manager


Monday evening, 6th February 2023 saw a unique incident where Sky Sports personnel, covering the game between Wigan and Blackburn, mistook a Championship veteran for Eduardo Berizzo, the manager of the Chile national team. Though this blunder made the news, however on close inspection the Chile manager does not resemble the Championship player whom the Sky Sports personnel mistakenly talked about. Indeed, it was a blunder that is rare and left the Sky Sports team red-faced. 


The fans in the international football community were however speechless at this turn of events. The event being talked about is the game between Wigan and Blackburn which took place on 6th February 2023, Monday which ended in a goalless draw. During the filming camera zoomed in on someone among the spectators and had the tag of Berizzo’s name on it. It also showed a badge for the national team Chile. Amongst the hosts was Ben Bereton Diaz. 

After this was broadcasted it was later revealed that the person shown was Lee Camp, a former stopper of Northern Ireland. That was the real identity of the spectator shown on Sky Sports and projected as Chile’s national manager. The filming and the game were taking place at Ewood Park that day.

Many were bemused when the mix-up was revealed. There was much debate as to how both individuals did not look similar. Also, they had an age difference of 15 years. A fan later wrote on Twitter, stating that Sky had just mistaken Lee Camp to be the manager of Chile’s national team. Another stated that when they read the tag with the photo they were confused but it was now clear. On the other hand, a third person posted whether they had mistaken the Chile manager to be Lee Camp all this time. Another fan wrote that how was it possible to confuse Lee Camp with someone more than a decade older than him?