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Sanchez Score Against Chile

During his second game, Sanchez scored against Chile and Argentina secured victory against Mexico. Alexis Sanchez scored in a row and beat Honduras by 4-1. Luis Lopez saved the penalty of Manchester United forward. Sanchez had a part in the opening goal, while Vidal and Nicolas Castillo scored penalties for Chile.

During that, Icardi scored the goal in two minutes open as Argentina defeated Mexico by 2-0. This was the second defeat. The striker moved from one box to another and had knocked the ball which had been a long pass from the goalkeeper and passed it to Erik. He had then given the ball back to Icardi who managed to find the net. This goal was the first goal of the 25-year-old in his eight-game for Argentina and by that he made a mark for himself in a team that is absent of Messi.

Paulo Dybala was seen enthusiastically celebrating the score for Argentina. Argentina’s rise in the form after its disappointing exit from the second round of the World Cup is wondrous. They won four games out of the six they have played under their coach who is at interim. The next half had a raft change as Paulo Dybala wrapped up the victory after make in on Icardi. Further, Giovanni Simeone had run down the wing and passed the ball to Dybala. He had been on the corner of the net for about 87 minutes during his goal for the first time in international football.

Chile and Argentina seem to be having an uprise in the form in their respective football games and this is good news for the game, given that these two teams are packed with some of the best players in the world who have not been able to replicate their skills entirely.