Chile Football Fans

Chile! Chile! Chile!


Legends don’t leave forever. That’s why they become myths. Dave and Dan using HBO’s Game of Thrones showed us that for all the highs and lows of life, death is the ultimate winner.

In football though, telling legends their time is up is almost like a taboo. Only Sir Alex Ferguson could and did it with reckless abandon. And not only was he the Legends of all Legends in his line of work– for that was the only way he earned the right to say whatever – even he knew when to draw the curtain and exit the stage.

This international break is bringing many big teams together and one of such is the clash between South America’s 2nd grade heavyweights: Chile and Colombia.

The news however making the round is the controversial dropping of arguably the two most important players of the Colombian national team since 2014 FIFA World Cup: Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez.

Not only did it set fans against one another, it also did beg the question as to if the Chilean national team shouldn’t be doing a purge of their own. From Vargas to Sanchez to Vidal, it is hard to see any player who isn’t past their peak taking up a major role in the team.

Players get dropped all the time much less for a meaningless international friendly but when the head coach chips in that “all the decisions I make in my life as a coach are in response to a very simple question: ‘What is the best for the team?” you begin to get the idea; the international friendly is rather meaningful while the old guards’ appearance is meaningless.

Colombia will go into the clash ready to give its youth a chance and it’s hard to imagine if Chile won’t be asking themselves personal questions.